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Thursday, July 10, 2008

just some fun stuff...bragging on our grandkids!

Our eldest granddaughter loves to pretend...
what better theme for her birthday than being a princess!

Richard is taking a short sabbatical from pastoring in between churches--he is still filling pulpit--and helps manage a local Chick-fil-A! He has had quite a ministry of counseling the young people that work with him as well as witnessing. That's also why the extra comment on the 'management'. ;-)
(Appreciate our prayers for them and where God would have them next!)

Another watermelon lover!

Lyssie is always so happy! But you can see she has her 'funny' moments too!

Thanks for letting me brag a bit!~ I'm sure I'll be getting more up again really soon!
As well as more of our Brisbane pictures.
I'm also just new enough at this I can't figure out how to take the blue and underlining out of the first two captions. My screen (computer) on the internet doesn't always show everything so I am not sure if that there is something I am not seeing to adjust that or not. Thank you for your patience!