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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Unexpected Neighborhood Fire

Thank you for your faithful prayers for the souls in other countries like Japan. Pray that their eyes would be opened as the gospel is set forth. Last night a house burned down in our neighborhood. An older man perished in the flames, only to enter much worse flames. Pray that others in this area of the world would not continue on to such a fate but would turn to the Lord.
The picture above is fuzzy as it was taken from our bedroom window. When we heard the siren go off and we ran to check to see if we could see the smoke or tell where the fire was, we were so disheartened to see how far along the fire must be at that time already and how close, but praise God the houses on either side of the home were OK.
It is custom in our town because houses are so close together that whenever a fire siren goes off, night or day, you go outside to check. We praise God for His protection in so many different ways.
We found out today that the elderly gentleman's son had just moved back from Tokyo to be with his father and help him out, having moved in his belongings yesterday. Then the fire happened after the father had gone to bed we think. The son ran next door to call the fire department, ran back but already it was too late to get to his father and help him escape. We now pray for a possible way to meet this man and help him as he must be under great anguish at not being able to help his father.
May your day be safe and may you also have the safety of eternity through the love and gift of salvation of our heavenly Father!

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