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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We are Connected!

Isn't technology wonderful!!! We now have an attachment to our computer that let us set up a USA phone number that actually dials a phone right in our home here in Japan when you make the call or if we call you, we aren't paying Japanese high prices! When we call you or you call that number it's as though we are right there in the States so it will also be a stateside fee for your call. When we call YOU, it is 'free' on our side except for the $20.00 A YEAR (only!) maintenance fee! Because our home church is in Tucson, AZ we have set up a Tucson (AZ area code) phone number so our local church people and pastor can call us for 'free' as well.
For those of you that use cell phones, you may also call that phone number just as you would any other US number. SO if you have free minutes time, for example, after 9 p.m. your time, it is perfect for calling and talking to us because when it's night where you are, it's a.m. where we are! Now PLEASE don't forget that time difference! If it's 10 in the morning EST at your house, it's midnight here! We love to visit with anyone but maybe not at midnight! The phone number you ask:
here it is so make a note of it--520-303-1446.
And don't be surprised if some day we call you! But feel free to call us too. We are also happy that this means it might be an easier way for our supporting church pastors to communicate with us over meetings, questions, or whatever.
IF you call and we are not around the computer to accept the call or the computer is off, the message relay will come on and you may leave a voice mail for us and we will be notified by e-mail that we have a message. When we click on it, your voice will be heard and we can get back to you.
Have a wonderful day and if you know any missionary that might benefit by this, have them check out or better yet, check it out yourself and get them one, and it is good in the States as well so you might want one this isn't a paid announcement...just a satisfied customer excited about how we can communicate with each other!

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Tori said...

Oh Vicky,
Do you know that when I was here last and commented on those lovely grands, I didn't even realize you were a missionary. Don't ask me where my mind was but I didn't. I'm so glad you came back to my blog and now I know. I'm adding you to my missionary wife blogs on my sidebar, your now the most veteran missionary there. :0)
So glad I met you!!