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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Earthquake

Well we experienced a small short earthquake about 30 minutes away from us. If you go to the link above you can see numbers on the map. The 4 is Horonobe where we have one of our extension outreaches. The 2 is Teshio. It has been several years since we had one this close!! We praise God for daily safety and for extra when unsuspecting things happen as well. "Some men trust in horses...but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God!"
We hope to get our next prayer letter up here as well in the next couple days. Thank you for your prayer and for patience in receiving our updates.
God bless,

Ken & Vicki

p.s. if you bookmark that link above then whenever you hear about earthquakes in Japan and wonder where they are you can easily go there and it should have the one you are seeking. It is in Japanese but if you ask the person you are concerned about they can tell you which one to click on.
or look for the date and time you have wondered about and click on there. I hope that is enough to help you. Or for us, just check this blog and we will put the info here on any Hokkaido earthquakes! I tried to copy the picture but it wouldn't let me.

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