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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 6 Remember -- Our First Anniversary Prayer Letter

Before we forget, we apologize there aren't very many pictures from our first couple years...we realized that they are all still in slides yet! Guess we should find a way to get them put from slides (beings we don't use them any more) to digital pictures.
Having run across our prayer letter we sent out for our first anniversary in Japan, we thought it would be good to again reflect on what God had done for us that first year as we continue to thank Him for what He HAS done in the last twenty-five.
"...It is exciting to look back and see God's faithfulness to us during these first important months. "Faithful is He that calleth you, Who also will do it." I Thess. 5:24. As God had called us out to minister His precious Word in this far away land we knew that in ourselves lay not the strength to meet the challenges God has already taken us through. Completely different language, culture, and personal relationships have been our toughest challenges. Although we have seen progress in these areas we see that full implimentation into this country will take many years. We are very thankful the God's provision of the "Paul-Timothy" type training. God never intended for His missionaries to flounder around in a strange land and culture on a trial and error method. God gives the pattern in II Timothy chapter two.
Ken completed the first of five books in the language course this last month. Here not just the steering wheels of cars are on the opposite side: the language is essencially, completely opposite to English. It takes Ken from 26-30 hours of work to compose, translate, and write hismonthly 25 minute sermon. Then after much practice he reads it on the third Sunday evening of each month. The weekly S.S. class lessons take around 6 hours to complete and recently the attendance has increased which is an extra challenge.
Vicki has been busy this summer learning canning techniques which will allow us to have fruits and vegetables this winter. Her language training is now at a much slower pace due to household duties and teaching the children in school. She will continue to concentrate on the book as much as she can. The boys' schooling has started again this year with Richard in 2nd grade and enjoying it. Michael is in 1st and must be encouraged. He loves to work with his hands rather than his brain. Alicia has probably changed the most. Her bright curly red hair and cute smile causes many to stop and talk to us.
God has been so faithful in financial matters. This training program is designed to allow a couple to work and train at a very minimal support level. This has been a blessing and has taught us an increased faith towards God for our needs. Today God's people are constantly bombarded by appeals for money from many directions. By God's grace, we do not want to be a burden to His people in this way. In our prayer letters we will strive not to mention amounts of money needed. If God puts it on your heart to ask us, we will share if there is a need. God prospered this decision this last year with the purchase of a trypewriter, that was needed without saying one word to anyone but God. He brought in special, non-regular support to provide an excellent typewriter. We are excited to see how God will lead and bless His people to meet our extra neeeds. We know that God rules in the hearts of men and does "own the cattle on a thousand hills." Ask God to make you sensitive to His guidance in these matters, also.
What does the coming year hold in store for us? Only God knows for sure. The lease on the house here in Wakkanai runs out this next summer. We will continue studying and helping in the church here until then. We will begin to look for a building in a town south of here to move into sometime in the summer or fall. Renovations usually take serveral months' work to make it useful for meetings place and home. Two probable cities already have had a once a month S.S. for three years. We trust the Lord to lead in which one to start a permanent work...."

The Lord did lead, did allow us to learn the language although there will always be more learning as long as He allows us to stay here. We just don't have to lug around large dictionaries any more but have small electronic ones! The Lord is STILL on the throne of grace and mercy to us here--provides our needs and opens and closes doors. We needed Him then and we need Him now. We needed you then and we still need you behind us. Thank you for YOUR faithfulness to us over 25 years too.

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