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Friday, November 28, 2008

a Note of Thanksgiving!--Praising God...

...not only for the past but for the present: for YOU, for all who care about God's work here in Teshio and for us. For God's Goodness in ALL things and in EVERY way!
We were blessed to hold the annual thanksgiving fellowship here and we were able to welcome the newest family to the northern area of Japan, the Wilhites to our rambunctious crowd!! We are able to special order turkeys so this is the one time of year that we splurge on this wonderful 'treat', then the ladies divide up the fixin's. (how much does a turkey cost here you ask??...are you ready for this?? AT today's rate for a 22 lb turkey it was $96!!) Now you know why we use everything clear down to scraps for the dog's thanksgiving and the carcus for soup and appreciate being able to take some leftovers home from the day!).
So enjoy a little of our day with us in pictures. We only fully get together 3 times of the year: around the 4th or so of July, in late November (hit it right on Thanksgiving this year) for Thanksgiving and sometime in late December or early January for a winter get together. These times are precious to us because these folk have become our 'family' and the gatherings provide some opportunity to hear someone else's conversation besides our spouse or children's voices ;-) and relax with converation, good food and some games and music.
We trust your day with your family members (few or many) was just as special and you had safe traveling as well.

(top picture-Kristen Smith (stick in hand) made the turkey pinata full of popcorn for the youngest children to have fun with! It was one 'tough turkey' and with held many a swat being torn apart!
Counting the 3 babies, there were 33 of us gathered! One BIG happy Family!

Happy Thanksgiving To You All!

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