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Thursday, December 25, 2008

May the Lord Bless you with Wonderful Memories & a New Year filled with the Hope of His Return!

A dear friend in Montana wrote a poem and it expresses our hearts' desires, too, during this special Season of remembering our Dear Savior's birth:

The Best Gift at Christmas

There is no gift that I can bring.
No package wrapped with colored string
To give you lasting happiness,
To offer life and peace and rest.
So on this Christmas Day I wish
To send you news of God's great Gift;
The Christ He sent so long ago
To wash our sin as white as snow.
This gift God gave for you and me
is like the gifts beneath the tree
That gaily wait the time when they
Will be unwrapped this Christmas Day.
So, too, God waits for you to lift
The ribbons off His 'new life' gift.
O please, don't leave Christ waiting there,
Store Him away again this year!
Unwrap God's gift of life today
Invite Him into your life to stay!
God meant for Christ to be your own,
To walk with you from this day on.
Of all the presents wrapped so gay,
Not one around the world today
Is equal to God's precious gift!
A life with Him should not be missed!
(Anita Pigg, Sidney, MT)

1 comment:

Klondike Kate said...

What a great photo! A happy new year to you both! It's been so fun to read through the early history. And then to see the crowd at the Christmas program this yeah! And new missionaries - yeah! Talk about full circle!