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Monday, August 10, 2009

On the Home Stretch Part 2

The best laid plans (hopes) can be delayed by God's best...that's what we have to believe anyway.
On the Home Stretch!

But first of all-- God's plans & timing are amazing!

1. Found out the main surgeon and the surgeon over at the other hospital dealing with my gall bladder issues were both doctors at the same smaller hospital a few years ago and are still good friends. They have communicated often during my hospital stay!! God put them together then and allowed them to become friends so down the road I could be a part of their lives for their help.

2. Already mentioned--30 anesthesiologists, yet God chose Nao to be mine so we could get the Gospel to her and I could understand more because she speaks English. Also because of her past exchange student status from Canada, she is more 'open' in so many ways, including the wonderful hugs she gives us! (she is our daughter's age).

3. One of the 2 original room mates from the first room I was in comes in to my new room every day to see how I am. We have not talked long at any one time but he is always interested in what I am doing and how I am doing. Today he asked if we could exchange email addresses so he could keep in touch with me. He seems to be interested in spiritual things but a little 'shy' of talking much about it at this point. He always readily accepts the verse cards. His name is Minoshima. (update one day later...he came and asked if we could talk for a bit. We went to the 'family' room area and started to talk but people started coming in and sitting around the area we were in so he was 'shy' about it again. We'll keep trying!)

4. Today (Sunday 9th)- Vicki and I were waiting for a local fellow missionary and his wife to come for a bit of fellowship and he was bringing a NT and a Bible for us to give to Nao Nishino. Vicki went out first to wait for them near the elevators to tell them we would talk in the family room (tables and chairs, tea, water, available). After Vicki sat down an elderly gentleman sat down near her and said, you have hung in there. Are you from here? Vicki answered no and told him where we were from and then asked him where he was from. He replied from Shibetsu where our fellow laborers, the Minks work. He also said he was going to be having major surgery on Monday (tomorrow) and then would be in there awhile. He is 73.
Then the Himeses arrived so we excused ourselves but not until we found out he was in room 703 --where I was for the first two days!!! After Vicki and the Himeses left, I went back to room 703 and Mr. Kawano, a grape farmer in Shibetsu and I exchanged business cards and I sat down to visit with him a bit. As I sat and visited as well as witnessed some, he listened attentively but so did my former room mate Mr. Minoshima! Then eventually the final man in the room pulled up a chair and listened too! What an opportunity! I called Brother Minks after I left the room to give him the information for prayer and for later followup here in the hospital. It is only an hour away from here so they can come see the gentleman while he is here in the hospital.

5. Vicki's car had a 'whine' sound when she first started it that just showed up this week!! The man we have bought the last 4 cars from (2nd hand) works here in Asahikawa at a Toyota/Corolla dealer. I remembered where it was and could tell Vicki where to go after she called him and arranged to have it checked out. While they replaced two fan belts, he sat (he is the manager) for the hour and half and visited with Vicki. He then came to the hospital room and visited me on Saturday for awhile. He also asked us to stop by on our way out if at all possible! We were able to put a Bible verse card into his hands as well.

6. Years ago when we first came to Teshio, we met a family through English teaching and became friends with them. He is the main doctor at the local hospital in Horonobe which is one of the small towns we have a once a week outreach into. We thought he no longer was there because his family has been in this larger city for quite a few years. He STILL travels back and forth once a week for this job and to be with family. They invited Vicki over for one afternoon and supper. She had a wonderful time with them and they also came to see me on Saturday. Again another opportunity to reopen an 'old' door! We all joked that maybe we could make it less than every 5 years that we see each other. Vicki said they even asked her to pray and thank God for the food before they ate.

7.While we know my stay as 'resident missionary' is drawing to a close for this round, we thank God that timing in meeting people has all been a part of God's plan!! There's no better place to be than in the center of God's will EVEN in the hospital!

Current status:
My fever is pretty much staying down and the white blood count has come back down quite a bit. My tube is out completely two days early!! It is draining less and less so that is encouraging as well. While there was some liver damage done it will repair itself through the other things that have been done. There was also damage done to the area of the kidney the stone was in. This is not repairable but willnot restrict the work of the kidney itself. For that also, we are praising God!! We are still on track for me to be released on Wednesday. We know your prayers are all a part of that plan and thank you for them as I have 'traveled' this road!
Although we may never know this side of heaven all that will have been accomplished for eternity sake during this two weeks, we praise God for the opportunity and for open hearts. We have planted and we trust there will be others to water and reap the harvest. Especially continue to pray for us as we continue correspondence with Miss Nishino and Mr. Minoshima!!

Well current status just got changed a bit and I guess my current job as 'resident missionary' isn't over. The numbers on the white blood count continue to go down and are almost normal and the liver is looking good...BUT if they take me off the medicine that has done that work just by 'quitting' it, there could be some rebounding SO they need to wean my body off the meds. Somewhat disappointing but acceptable. If we lived in this city I could go home and just come in each day for an IV time but beings we don't I have to stay here. We hope to go home now by Friday but no promises made yet. Thanks for continued prayer.
Mr. Minoshima tried to talk to me last night for a while and I think he wanted to get into spiritual issues but we kept getting interrupted so he finally said goodnight. I also got to see Mr. Kawana before his surgery began this a.m. and have prayer with him. We have been quite burdened for him today as he still wasn't out of surgery when Vicki went 'home' today at 5! We so desire to have the opportunity to share at least the beginnings of the Gospel with him. And see the Minks have an opportunity for followup. I keep trying to reach out to my young room mate but he still is pretty closed.
Have a great day and don't forget to share Christ with those you meet might be the only hope of light that they will receive!

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