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Thursday, August 20, 2009

One more Edition!!

In our last update we had arrived home and were really glad to be back. Little did we know that the 'testing' was not over!! Within 3 days of returning Ken was experiencing pain in his lower right leg along with redness and hardness along the top of the leg. Ken's father went home suddenly to be with the Lord several years ago after going through surgery, seeming to have a complete recovery. It was determined that a blood clot had released and gone to the brain. With this in our memory banks, Ken headed straight to the local hospital to get checked out. Then when he got back he called Idai Hospital where he was in Asahikawa to inform them of the diagnosis and what had been done. The doctor quickly assured Ken that what had been prescribed and advised was JUST what they would have done!! Praise God! Ken was diagnosed with "superficial thrombophlebitis" (his father probably had deep vein thrombosis) so we were much relieved although we still have kept it in our prayers. We are changing dressings on the area morning and evening and Ken is taking oral medication as well. Again we know God uses doctors and medicines but are still relying on Christ for the healing!!
Ken will be going back to the hospital in Asahikawa for a check-up the middle of next month. They will observe the other stone at that time to see if there has been any change in position or size. The recommended course though at this time is that he would have gall bladder surgery this winter some time. We will again wait on the Lord for His timing and the next phase of "Hospital Missions, Phase Two"!! Stay tuned!

Prayer Requests:
1.our believers: safety, consistency, growth; baptism
2.unsaved family members of our believers contacts and follow up able to contact Mr. Honda to begin Bible study
5.witnessing to English students
6.Ken's leg to heal and follow-up visits and Vicki's eye
7.Jonathan and Heather Marks, Matthew Johnson, Tim Turner—God's timing and blessing in coming to Hokkaido

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