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Friday, November 5, 2010

October Prayer Letter

Ken doing fall outside winter prep

Miss Tsuzuki and Miss Hanawa during Christianity Explained Bible study

Ken teaching the Bible study

Tea and brownie time afterwards

Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Faith, although it is intangible, is a real substance. It is the solid thing that we can claim and cling to in every circumstance of life. It is so substantial that it can be used as legal evidence of facts. Facts, not in sight or in hand yet, but never the less, as real and assuring as already having or knowing what the reality of a situation will bring. Praise God for this wonderful gift!! Let's walk in this truth today.

Faith is the point of study that we have reached in our "Christianity Explained" course on Sunday evening. We now have two ladies attending on Sunday evening. Both are school nurses--one for the junior high and the other for the high school. Miss Tsuzuki has been coming for a year now but Miss Hanawa just started a couple weeks ago so everything is VERY new to her. Although each step is an important part in leading towards salvation, faith is a major issue here so we truly appreciate your prayers.

We just received a letter from Dr. Mitsu who had surgery a week ago. One item was taken care of but it also revealed that he needs to have his gall bladder out. There are some complications though so it might end up being open surgery. We appreciate your continued prayers for him. He thanked us in this letter for 'remembering me and praying for me'.

Our weekly studies on Sundays and Tuesdays with Christopher Collins are a great blessing to us. He continues to study hard and is a great testimony amongst the people of Enbetsu. We ask that you specifically pray for him as he is in the midst of a 'hub' of Jehovah Witnesses. He takes every opportunity to talk to some of their people. We are thankful Christopher's desire is to be a light of truth in Enbetsu. Vicki is also doing some communication with his girlfriend who is back in Canada so would appreciate wisdom for this as well.

Ken has been busy Thursday through parts of Saturday getting the outside ready for winter. We had our first snow this last week so it must not be too far off. Thankfully God has provided good weather and he has been able to get almost everything done. One day a fellow missionary also spent the day helping and that was a great blessing.

There has been several events in the last month that Vicki has been a part of or we have attended. This always allows some interaction with local people and for that we are grateful! The winter months do not provide as much of that opportunity beings everyone wants to be inside during the cold months. We are planning our yearly missionary gathering for Thanksgiving this later this month. It is an event we all look forward to with great anticipation of wonderful fellowship and of course, food. We praise God for a special provision of turkey and ham this year that was completely unexpected! They may not be expensive in the States but here to special order one takes about $80-100 for a 20-22 lb turkey!

1. Vicki's eye continues to stay away from the active state of herpes
2. the needed funds for the church door has come in including a special 'offering' given by one of our ladies who had been saving 100 yen coins for a year.
1. salvation of our believers' husbands and families
2. baptism allowed for our ladies
3. plans starting to be put into place for 2 young ladies desiring to join us next summer for the internship and 1 continuing on for a semester study done online from Japan via a 'study abroad' program at her college
4. plans being put into place for our yearly evangelistic Christmas program
5. yen/dollar exchange to improve

May God bless you for your part through prayer and support for His work here in the Teshio area. We are always grateful!

Serving Christ Together,
Ken & Vicki Mansell

Just a Prayer At Night


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