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Sunday, September 23, 2012

August Prayer Letter

Gen 6:22 Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he. 
What a great report for the ministry of this one man, Noah! Oh, that we could have that said about us! Starting with myself, I remember times when I didn't do what I knew God commanded me to do or be. Praise God for His grace! Genesis records the decedents of Seth, Adam's son. Only two men had this phrase said about them, ".... walked with God": Enoch and Noah. God took Enoch, so that he did not see death. God took care of Noah, so that he did not see the death of his family when God destroyed the world because it was filled with violence. Kind of sounds like our world today. Let us be those who walk with God and do according to all that God commands.

During the summer school break, we held a requested “American Home Stay” for 5 children (3 siblings and 2 friends) for three days. The three boys stayed in our home and the two girls were with us during the day. Much activity, some special cooking and baking, a hotdog and marshmallow roast as well as a Bible story for a.m. devotions were some of what took place. It was an exhausting time but overall the kids were very well behaved. We know we need to take every opportunity to be a shining light to even these young people. We sent home packets to their families with a Gospel of John and other tracts. We couldn’t do 100% English but used as much English as we could and taught them some while they were here at their request as well.

Thursdays and Fridays this month have been dedicated to getting the carport/deck rebuilt so that the roofers can come in and finish the rest. We have been blessed to have one or two fellow missionaries along with one or two of their sons as well help in this project. Each one worked so hard and it is basically ready for the next step. We finally received word that the insurance will cover a greater portion of the amount needed and with the men doing some of the work that was included in the estimate we will be able to cover more of the roofing cost. Why rebuild you might ask: Our main walk way is protected from falling snow by this design so no danger to people that way and it cuts back our snow shoveling in winter by three fourths as well as not having to dig out our vehicles. Also in the summer, someone who might be reluctant to come inside WILL come on up to the deck area and we have witnessing opportunities as a result.

Three Filipino ladies who work on dairy farms in the area came to one service this month. We had hoped they might be able to make it back again but so far that has not happened. We trust to be able to contact them and see if we can visit them. We also need to talk to the Farm Coop advisor to help him understand that when they have time between milkings and responsibilities they DO desire to be here. One claims to be saved and the other two are from Catholic background. They have 3 year contracts so we hope to be an encouragement to them as well as see them truly come to know the Saviour who loves them. They do not speak much Japanese yet and greatly miss their homeland and families there.

Miss Tsuzuki, high school nurse who comes for English Bible study on Sunday nights was only able to be with us for part of August due to summer vacation. Now she will be gone until first part of November due to the need to have knee surgery and then rehabilitation after that. This will all take place down in Sapporo. She said she would read her Bible while she is gone and we asked her to read through the Book of John. So much ground work has been laid so we continue to ask the Lord to even use this time to give her complete understanding of her need for Christ as her Saviour. We also hope to stay in touch as much as we can via phone emails. There is nothing that is a surprise to God so we completely believe this is part of His plan for her life and for her encouragement. Please pray for her surgery on 9/20/12.

God has given us safety and health throughout these summer months and for that we are grateful. We especially thank Him for safety for the men and boys as they have worked on the carport. Vicki has been busy with extra curricular activities that bring her in contact with many ladies in town. Thank you for upholding us in your prayers day by day and month by month. We need them always: and not only for us but for those that follow Christ and those that need Christ! May we be found faithful!

Serving Christ Together,
Ken & Vicki Mansell                           Just A Prayer At Night

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