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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Self-Driving Cars!

(Honda, maker of the reborn Acura NSX, is one of the companies working with the Japanese government on robot cars.)
Within 10 years, Japan may have self-driving cars on its expressways, according to car manufacturers in Tokyo, Japan.

“I can't wait for the era of self-driving cars,” a manager of a car factory said. “I can't believe it is 2013 and we still have to turn a steering wheel and push pedals to get around when we could be doing better things like sleeping, reading, or actually watching the scenery rolls by instead of having to keep our eyes on the road.”

The Japanese government has the goal of getting self-driving cars on public roads by the early 2020s and the Ministry of Transport and Tourism has said it will be the first in the world to seriously consider robot cars for the masses. The robo-wheels will debut on special lanes.

A major issue that will take up lots of talk time is how to assign responsibility in accidents involving self-driving cars. Who is to blame if there is no human driver? 
Source: June 2012/

The number of cars in the world surpassed 1 billion. Can the world handle this many wheels? Yes, because everybody wants to get somewhere.But what they need most is to want to get to heaven!!  A car can't take them but God's grace and gift of salvation can! 

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