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Thursday, November 14, 2013

October Prayer Letter

Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:  Psalms 103:1-2

How can we, mere sinners saved by Grace, bless an almighty eternal holy God?  These verses give us three things to do in order to give to God a blessing.  1) Give the deepest and truest part of us, our soul, a command that our lives will be ordered in such a way that our attitudes and actions are pleasing to the Lord; 2) Don't do this halfheartedly or timidly, jump on in with your whole being! without reservation and with total trust in the Lord;   3) Take steps to remember God's goodness and providence in our lives and in the affairs of men,  don't overlook or forget all the bountiful blessings He give us all the time.  Count our blessings!  We count each of you as part of the blessings that the almighty God has given us.  Thank you for being willing to be used for His glory in this way.  Let's continue and abound in the time God graciously gives each of us.

Even after 30 years, there can be moments of "Lord, this is so hard and takes so much time to plant and water". When Vicki experienced a few of those thoughts this month within 24 hours the Lord gave two new opportunities: a long time contact agreed to begin the six-week Christianity Explained Bible course!  We have known the Urayama family for 28 of the 30 years we have been in Japan and have witnessed through various opportunities.  We reported recently that Ken had been able to attend a piano concert by Rui Urayama and he spent the night with the family in that city.  That evening provided some insight to the family.  Ken has stopped by several times after Monday night English and Bible study class in Horonobe to visit Dr. Urayama at this small town hospital where he has an apartment and is on 24 hr call except weekends.  Ken prays with him every time he stops by and this time told him about the 6 week study. Dr. Urayama agreed to begin this study. When Ken asked him if he needed a Bible the Dr. said he had one of his own and showed it to Ken!! What a blessing to have this new deeper opportunity of study with Dr. Urayama and we covet your prayers for this study and for his salvation as well as his family.

The second opportunity that has begun 'again' is after a 3 year lapse!!  For a time period (as with so many of our contacts in this area) another doctor had been studying on Wednesday evenings with Ken and both English and Bible.  Then he moved.  One evening, without any announcement, he showed up at our door! He and his wife live in Sapporo where we sometimes go for shopping of things that cannot be had in this area including supplies for Ken's building projects and for ourselves.  He had come back to Teshio for overnight for a health reason and wanted to confer with the x-ray technician that he had seen originally. The shorter end of this story is that he stayed for dinner and Ken was able to help get him set up with Skype on his laptop which he had brought with him. They  checked out their connection and set up Tuesday nights as their weekly English lesson time.  Dr. Mitsu told Ken that night that he understands why Ken wants to tell him about 'your God' but "I have too many ancestors to take care of so I cannot study about your God right now".  While we would be thrilled to have him again studying the Bible as well as the English, we trust God to open that door again and we pray it is soon.  We will be having a visit with both him and his wife on the evening of the 12th of December. It is Vicki's birthday and the doctor's wife's is the 8th so they want to celebrate our birthdays together. We will travel, Lord willing, to Sapporo that day and be with them, spend the night, shop and come home!  Thank you for remembering these dear folk who truly need Christ! We also thank God for His reminder that patience is truly a virtue in this country and He will continue to bless and help His Word not return void!!

Our plans for our 30th yr anniversary furlough for Christmas through May are all set and the Lord has provided in so many wonderful ways! Continue to pray for our preparation for that trip as well as the Christmas evangelism programs taking place before we leave.  
Dates coming up--
December 5-Ken has next check-up on kidney stones
December 7-We hold a Christmas evangelism in Kotanbetsu where the Crosses live.
December 12-dinner opportunity with Dr. Mitsu and his wife; witnessing opportunities
December 23rd- Teshio Christmas program evangelism--fellow missionary Randy Smith and his family will be joining us to add to our music program through strings, flute, and song
December 24th- we leave for USA via Seoul, Korea arriving at Appels in Atlanta on Christmas Day. Preparation for that trip especially final route decisions, meetings, and presentation preparation.

Serving Christ Together,
Ken & Vicki Mansell 
Just A Prayer At Night – Your evening is our daytime!

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